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There are many great venues in Utah for a wedding.

Some things to think about when choosing a venue:

Who is coming to the wedding?

How many people will the venue hold?
How far will guests have to drive?
Does this venue have most of the benefits you want for your day?
Does this venue fit in he budget?

Can they cater?

Can you bring in your own caterer?

There are many reasons to choose a venue. Once you know where book it!!!

Ideas for choosing your first dance.....

Your first dance will be an important part of your wedding day.  It is a time when you get to spend a moment with your new spouse. This also creates an opportunity for your photographer to get some great photos. I have been a DJ for 15 years and I have played many different songs for the first dance. 

   There are many ways to choose a first dance. You can:
  • Talk with your DJ about ideas
  • Go through your music collection
  • Go through your fiancésés music collection 
  • Listen to the radio, Pandora, etc and write down some favorite songs.
  • Ask relatives and friends for ideas
  • Think about moments in your relationship that are important.  What song was playing?
  • Consult wedding web sites for current trends
  • Use search engines and key words to find lyrics in songs you might like

The main idea is to find a song you and your fiancé agree on and will be meaningful for you.  Remember it is your day so take some time a pick a song you are going to like for your special day.